The Love of Discipline

The word discipline in Proverbs 12:1 means “correction”. It’s not like the idea of a professional discipline; it’s more like the discipline someone receives from boot camp. We need to have people in our lives who help us to be better. Fellow Christians who truly love us will be those willing to offer correction so we can better serve God together.

Those who want to learn and grow in wisdom are those who love to be corrected. This doesn’t mean they love to be wrong; it actually means the exact opposite. Wise people dislike being wrong so strongly that they’re willing to receive correction. They love being right and they want other people to help them. Wise people also love God so much they want to serve him the best way possible. Sometimes, correction isn’t moving from the sinful to the safe, but from the legal to the best.

What does that mean? It means that there are many things we can each day that aren’t sinful, but there’s usually only a handful of things that are the best. It’s possible to not lie, and that avoids sin. It’s also possible to be encouragingly truthful, which is better. As we grow in in our faith, we are people who also need to learn how to become better at serving God, not just those who avoid sin.

Does the Bible Really Say “Stupid”

Yes, it does. The Bible is a straightforward book and often just tells things like they are. Jesus was a master of knowing when to push gently or apply extra pressure in personal relationships. The same wisdom that guided Jesus during his earthly ministry wrote the Bible – so we should expect to see some of the same things

This is a jarring word to many readers from the United States. It’s not part of our polite conversation, and we warn children away from using it. We must remember the Bible doesn’t conform to our social norms for acceptable behavior; it conforms to and displays the wisdom of God.

God warns us that those who do not love wisdom enough to receive correction are foolish, or stupid. This word refers to someone who is brutish in their behavior. They aren’t interested in learning or growing, but fulfilling the earthly desires within themselves.

Conclusion: Let’s be Learners

We should be people who love God enough to let him teach us. He is the one who has all the answers, and he will help us to find the way home if we let him. God is waiting for us and offers us everything we need to correct our course and start heading home again. We, like God, need to love the truth. Our love for the truth should help us to welcome correction so that we can constantly improve our understanding and wisdom.

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