Any world-class athlete or musician has spent thousands of hours training. It takes incredible discipline to become the best at something. The Bible alludes several times to athletic competition because of the similarities in discipline needed for success as an athlete and faithfulness as a Christian.

Training for Godliness

Paul wrote that physical training is useful, but training for godliness is more useful. Exercise makes our physical body healthy, which makes life here better. Training for godliness makes our spiritual life better here and in the world to come. If we’re going to spend thousands of hours training for something, godliness needs to be at the top of that list.

Just like throwing a football or playing the violin, godliness is something that takes training. It’s a mistake to expect someone to learn godliness without practice. We must constantly train ourselves and help others learn to put godliness into practice.

Proper Preparation

Vince Lombardi said, “Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.” Lombardi had a passion for sports and demanded his players be disciplined and strive for excellence. Christians struggle for something much greater than a Super Bowl title. We must demand perfect practice and excellence from ourselves. When trials and temptations come, if we have not properly prepared ourselves, we are much more likely to make poor decisions and fail.

We need a training system in place to help us become godly people. We need a method to help us perfectly practice our faith in Christ Jesus. If we overlook these things, we have a chink in our armor and one of Satan’s arrows just might pass through.

Preparing for Our Training

We’re going to look at all the different ways we can train ourselves for godliness. This includes training ourselves to be thankful, humble, kind, and generous. Training ourselves for godliness will help us to be faithful servants of Jesus in every situation. Join me in the coming weeks as we train ourselves to serve God more faithfully every day.

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