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Seek to Forgive

Look to Forgive, Not to Judge It’s no secret that the world deserves God’s judgment (Romans. 3.9). However, we must be those who seek to forgive. There isn’t a single adult person, culture, nation or group of people who claim righteous before God. Everyone who sinned...

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Are You Tempted? Get Married! – Part 1

We're in the middle of a pandemic problem concerning biblical marriage: around 3% of young people today keep themselves pure until their wedding. This failure is catastrophic by any conceivable metric. Something has to change; the status quo is unacceptable. What is a...

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Making Good Arguments – Part 1

The Bible contains all of the truth that God wants us to have, and it has all the information we need to live a godly life (2 Peter 1.3). We do not need fanciful arguments or clever tricks to show people the truth in God's word, but we do need to make sure the...

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California Travel Ban

The state of California is restricting travel for all state employees to Texas. The basis for this restriction is the preservation of religious freedom for certain adoption agencies or other religious-based child welfare organizations. This raises many interesting...

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The Importance of Catechesis

Traditionally, Christians went through a process known as catechesis. There are still many groups that put young people through such a process, but it seems to be falling from favor and being given much less importance than in ages past. Why are we losing this...

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Called Into the Glorious Kingdom of God

Isn’t it amazing that God calls us into his glorious kingdom? It’s both incredible and amazing that God wants us in his kingdom and calls us into it himself! While this is a glorious thought, what does it mean to be called? We may lose sight of the beauty of being...

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Troublesome Verses?

Can this list of troublesome verses be explained? Many times, if we take time to look at what God is actually saying, apparent difficulties will disappear. Other times, it is a faulty method of understanding the Bible that causes trouble. Reading an ancient text covering almost every social and cultural topic imaginable is quite a task and requires diligence and wisdom. Let’s go through these passages and see what God is actually saying.

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